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Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety Help for Individual Adults

Indian Harbour Beach, FL Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety, stress, panic can all be treated. Anxiety can be triggered by specific events or can be generalized to most areas of your life. Learn what is triggering the anxiety while you learn skills to counter the anxiety, panic, or fear/phobia. Clients can learn to overcome and control the anxiety rather than living gripped by fear/anxiety/panic.

Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety
Manage anxiety, grief, depression, or other emotional pressures

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
is a proven type of therapy which offers a more short-term approach.  During these sessions, a client and therapist identify current situations that may be causing or contributing to the client's symptoms.  Patterns of thinking or distorted perceptions can be identified that lead to the depression, anxiety, negative thinking and behavior.  Call or contact Active Counseling for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy help in Melbourne, FL.

A Few Types of Cognitive Distortions:

  • all-or-nothing thinking: viewing the world in absolute, black-and-white terms
  • disqualifying the positive: rejecting positive experiences by insisting they “don’t count” for some reason
  • automatic negative reactions: having habitual, scolding thoughts such as, “This is all my fault.”
  • magnifying or minimizing the importance of an event
  • overgeneralization: drawing overly broad conclusions from a single event
  • personalization: taking things too personally or feeling actions are specifically directed at you
  • mental filter: picking out a single negative detail and dwelling on it exclusively so that the vision of reality becomes darkened

Indian Harbour Beach, FL Anxiety Treatment

Writing exercises can help work on replacing negative thought patterns or perceptions with more constructive ones through a series of well-practiced techniques. These include:

  • learning  to control and modify distorted thoughts and reactions
  • learning to accurately and comprehensively assess both external situations and reactions or emotional behavior
  • practicing self-talk that is accurate and balanced
  • replace those negative self-defeating thoughts
  • using self-evaluation to reflect and respond appropriately

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